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Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We know that its only our valuable customers who keep us in business and help us grow with them. 

The Google Reviews given by our clients who have used our services are posted below:

Zoher Mala : "I am very happy with the professional approach of this firm. My complicated taxation matters were handled very professionally and I got my desired results and refunds.  I plan to shift my business returns and accounting matters to this firm.  I would recommend this firm for all accounting and taxation matters." 

"Param Mannslaria : Deol & Associates is accounting firm based out of Canada and India, providing services world wide. I was taking there services in India well. Me and my wife moved to Canada last year and this year was our very first tax return. Deol & Associates filled the tax return on our behalf and explained along each step the process of filing the return, making us feel comfortable at each stage. The service provided by then was very professional and they study every case deeply rather than punching numbers on a software. I would highly recommend them for tax returns and any business needs."

Inderjeet singh :"Service provides by Mr. Deol is exceptional. There are only few in this field who can match his expertise. I would highly recommend him for accounting and tax services."

simran shekhar :"I am Thankful to Amarjeet for being a thorough gentleman and professional. i had come to him for my taxes and not only did he do them, he provided me ongoing consultation and support at anytime when i reached out to him. He has made calls to agencies which have a long wait time and updated me proactively all the time. I am lucky that i have found a CPA who provides the right expertise advice keeping the long term implications in sight. I would highly recommend him over anyone. He is well read, informed and experienced and the most important he is not in the business of ripping you off."

Ahsan Ijaz "Great service! Helped me corporate federally! Easy approachable and professional."


sakshi singh: "So there are CPA who just do what the mandate is and then there is Deol and Associates , where in Amarjeet takes you as person and not just a client and goes the extra mile. We were New in Canada and Amarjeet did not only do our taxes and provided expert advice, but also helped us in getting Child tax benefits as well as other benefits , he took the time to speak CRA and other agencies and ensure that we were updated proactively. To be honest he didn't have to take the stretch. We would highly recommend him any day.  Thanks a ton." 

 Sikha Sharma "I really appreciate ur efforts as u did a great job thank you so much for ur help which was more than expectd..I found amarjeet ji online and felt so lucky as he treated me as his sister and is always ready to serve 24/7..god bless you amarjeet ji.."

Priya Sharan "Thank you so much sir, you helped me lot, not only in tax filing but also cleared my doubts regarding other forms thank you so much!"

Irmandeep kaur "Best and fast services and great engagement with work and customers."


Anthony Iacino "Amarjeet was very professional and was able to maximize my tax return. I will definitely be using him again!"

 Pallavi Kashyap "Great and fast service. I needed to apply for my last three year taxes. So, one of my friend recommended me this associates. As I was pending me with three years tax filling Mr. Amarjeet provided me the service as best as he can. So overall, it was good to share this experience with all. I can only say you can trust."

Soham Luthra "This was my fist time filing tax returns and i had no idea about that topic. My friend referred me about Deol and Associates and i must say it was a good experience they took care of me and guide me and their service was really great i had no problems. As soon as I shared my documents my work was under process."

rdk 8 "Reliable and safe...promises to get the best returns in minimum possible time. One of the respected names for providing tax services ; accurately and securely." 

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